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Nigel Youngman Limited is incorporated in England and Wales. 
Company registration number 8644970, registered address Bankside 300, Peachman way, Broadland Business Park, Norwich, NR7 0LB. 
VAT reference number 947866165. 01508 535989
Nigel Youngman Limited
HR  Investigations - Consultancy - Mediation
We specialise in dealing with complex employment situations which, if not handled correctly, can lead to time-consuming and costly consequences for the organisation.
We support organisations by ....

Managing disciplinary and grievance cases

Providing confidential mediations in workplace disputes

Investigating discipline and grievance cases ...
misconduct, capability, discrimination, bullying and harassment

Project Managing workforce restructuring ...
TUPE. Mergers and Redundancy                   more >>                                              

Training Managers on workplace issues ....
managing investigations, hearing disciplinary & grievance cases
“…..your conciliatory approach worked well in this situation. I believe you quickly gained the trust of management, trade unions and the member of staff involved and this allowed honest and open speaking from all parties. You were calm, considered and thoughtful in your deliberations and at all times professional. I think it must be unusual for an investigator to be appreciated by both management and unions so it's a testament to your abilities that you have achieved that level of confidence….”

HR Director Education Sector